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Research Interests

Music composition, computer music analysis, algorithmic composition, artificial creativity, sound synthesis,

sound programming.

Doctoral Thesis

In 2015 Mykolas Natalevičius defended thesis "Aspects of Style and Composition in Drone Music".

Here you can download abstract of thesis.


Mykolas Natalevičius is associate professor at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre Composition department. He teaches composition and those courses:

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (Composition Department)

Digital Sound Programming (Max/MSP)

Algorithms of Digital Sound

Programming and Synthesis (Max/MSP)

Former courses:

Kaunas University of Technology (Audiovisual Arts Department) (2015 - 2017)

Computer Music Analysis

Papers and articles

2014 Conjectures for Analysis of Drone Music, Ars et Praxis, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

2014 Kompiuterinis kūrybiškumas – kas tai? LMTA HARPS, Read online

2013 Time Aspects of  Drone Music, Principles of Music Composing

2012 The Global Composition konferencija. Trijų kompozitorių įspūdžiai, Literatūra ir menas, 2012-08-30, Nr. 3391, Read online

2011 Maksimalizmas, minimalizmas, „midimalizmas“?, Lietuvos Muzikos Antena, Read online

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