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Mykolas Natalevičius embarked on music somewhat unusually late, at the age of sixteen. Probably that was what saved him from cliches and taboos that are formed while growing up in the general musical millieu and that thrive among colleagues with a similar occupation. He bravely ventures into various directions without being afraid to shock or look overly sentimental - for him, it is a kind of test of various possibilities and platforms. He is a composer who keeps searching. His search is very personal; like a curious child, he discovers and gets involved in a certain field, be it sound art, opera or spectral music, and having gotten the gist of it and having mastered it quite quickly, he continues his search. Perharps that is why theoretical research and analytic view, writing and thinking about music is not alien to him. However, it never disrupts his emotional and aesthetic relation to music and other arts. The composer's curiosity is awakened by the city life and its upheavals, religious experiences and things that have attracted him since childhood, but are still waiting to be explored more thoroughly - organ music, the chime of bells and environmental sounds, as well as the amalgams and extensions of the audio and video media from the performing genres to interdisciplinary projects.


Edvardas Šumila


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