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Mykolas Natalevičius also works in creative education field as a lecturer, creative practitioner and creative agent. He is member of association "Kūrybinės jungtys" (Creative Connections).

Creative Partnerships

In 2012 - 2015 he worked in project "Kūrybinės partnerystės" (Creative Partnerships) where he worked with various schools in Lithuania, exploring various aspects of creativity.

From 2011 Creative Partnerships worked with over 138 schools and 9000 pupils across Lithuania. Creative Partnerships programme in Lithuania is implemented upon the experience of the Creative Partnerships programme in the United Kingdom which has been running for eight years and has worked with over 1 million pupils. In 2011 the programme received World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) award for a significant impact on the practice of innovation in education. 

More about project "Creative partnerships" EN LT

Personal profile in project website LT

In 2014 he participated in mastership program for experts of creativity, organised by project "Kūrybinės partnerystės" and held by Samantha Holdsworth and Greg Klerkx.

Other Projects

In 2017 he worked in the project "Tyrinėjimo menas" (Art of Exploration) which was organised by association "Kūrybinės jungtys" and British Council.


Composer Mykolas Natalevičius also conducts seminars about:

Goal setting;



Acoustic ecology;

Creating music.

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